YouTube TV Lets You Cut the Cable

YouTube announced that they have begun releasing their new platform called YouTube TV.

As we see the fight for your time in full swing, video plays a huge part and sites are fighting to see who can get and hold your attention.

In this video I give some of the details as to who can get YouTube TV, How much YouTube TV will Cost and what you may see when you sign up.

Facebook and even Twitter are in this fight with YouTube and they are looking to battle the current movie channels like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Not sure 1 will ever pull ahead, but if YouTube can get and secure current tv shows, they may pull it off.

Who is looking to be the loser in this battle? Cable and satellite companies who charge high prices and give crappy service.

Cable and satellite companies may need to find a new way to generate customers and the best way I see that happening is to provide great internet service without the high bundle prices and you some include special accessories for your home tv Access, check out the best tv mount that fits your needs.

I am looking forward to seeing how this plays out over the next few years!

So, I guess when they had their YouTube Is Over Party on Twitter...YouTube didn't take note...they just keep going!