YouTube Monetization Changes

Over the years YouTube has changed its monetization and partner program a few times and they are at it again.

In this video I explain the changes and why they are happening. At least why I think they are happening.

Advertisers made threats, YouTube restricted videos, Twitter blew up with the Hashtag YouTube is over party, cartoons aren’t for kids and…here we are!

One of the key take away to this is, do not count on ad revenue as a way to make money, if you plan on using your videos as an income stream.

If you are a new channel, just keep making good videos.

Optimize your videos and be sure to share them.

Honestly, if you get upset about this YouTube Partnership change, you will have a very hard time being productive on YouTube. You can’t let these changes deter you from doing what you want to do. If you have a message you want out to the world…then just stick with it! Figure out how to work with changes when they throw them out there. You have a goal and you have to keep moving forward and not sitting and worrying about how to get YouTube to “stay the same”.