Why You Should Claim Your Google My Business

Google is giving you the chance to show off your business and many are not taking advantage of it. It is amazing that you have an opportunity to be easily found on Google Maps, yet some must not need the traffic.

If you are looking to bring more customers to your store, then you need to claim that listing. If you aren’t sure what you are missing out on by not claiming it…watch the video! If you are business owner you need to know how to read pay stubs for your business.

Why Claim Your Google My Business Listing

Video Transcript…

Have you claimed your Google my business listing?

If not I’m here to tell you that’s one of the things you should get done today.

I’m Sheryl Loch with Ginger Roots Media and claiming your Google My Business listing is of utmost importance. It connects to Google Maps, so when people are out shopping, what are they gonna do?

They’re gonna look for products and services in their area and if your business listing isn’t claimed we don’t know what’s gonna show up for you. Here’s the thing, I’ve been out taking 360 images of our local businesses. What I do is, I go to the businesses, I take a 360 image then I upload it to their listing.

Now I’ve noticed a lot of places have not claimed their listing and I’m amazed. I mean, that’s crazy. It’s not hard to do and those places are missing out.

For one, if you don’t have your Google My Business listing claimed, you have no control over the information. Therefore you can’t change the hours, the phone number, the information at all.

You can’t do updates, you can’t make posts, you can’t upload images, kind of. You can upload images, but it looks as though they’re being uploaded as a customer and not as a business and that makes a huge difference to someone looking at your listing. They want to see something that the owner is putting up and you’ll have a lot of control there.

Also you can’t list your products or services now that’s a huge part on there. You get a whole product shelf and if you’re not taking advantage of that you could be losing out.

Now you also can’t make events and an event might be a sale or maybe you’re having an actual event and you’re gonna want to put that on there. So as people are looking around, they can see it. It stands out!

Now for reviews, everyone knows how important it is to get Google reviews but if you haven’t claimed your listing you can’t answer them.

So if someone’s written a good review you can’t say hey thanks a lot and if somebody’s written a terrible review you don’t even have the opportunity to go in and say hey what happened, what’s wrong let’s fix this or redirect it in any way. It’s just going to sit there for everyone to see and you have no control.

Also on questions and answers that they offer, you can go in and answer. Anybody can go in and answer, which can be another problem in itself.

But when you go in to answer, if you don’t have your business listing claimed, your answering basically just another person, not as the business. So you’re gonna want to take advantage of that, go in and help those people out. otherwise maybe your competitors are gonna do it. Also, you can’t get messages. There is a place where you can get messages, so if someone wants a quote, maybe they want to know if you have a certain product, your offer for service, whatever the case, you can’t get those messages and you could be losing out on business.

And here’s the worst part of it, if you don’t claim your listing, someone else might. We don’t know who might, but they could and that simply means that they’d have control of your business listing. You’d then have to figure out who has it, how to get it back, will they even give it back. You don’t want to go through that! Just claim your listing for God’s sakes!

And still if you’re not convinced to claim your listing, someone else can suggest edits!

So Google figures if you’re not going to claim it, someone else can go in and say the business is permanently closed, the business is moved, the business this isn’t their phone number, their address whatever it is and if nobody’s claimed it to dispute it. You won’t get notified because you haven’t claimed it!

Google may change that information and there you are, that’s your business that’s on Google Maps! That’s where people turn when they are trying to find products and services! So go over there it’s easy to claim!

It may take a little while, because I know with things shut down, I don’t know how fast Google’s getting these out. (Build Your Local Business During the Shutdown )

But you simply Google up your business, look for the listing, if you’re on desktop it will be on your right-hand side or on Google Maps and click claim my business.

Then just follow the steps and it’s all right there for you.

So thanks for watching!

I hope you’re enjoying our nice day out at the park here in Henderson, Nevada and if you have any questions let me know and I’ll be happy to help you with them.