Testing Videos on Twitter

If you ever watched Home Improvement in the early 90’s, you will remember Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor who couldn’t just do a simple job; nope he always had to take everything to the limit (and then some).

Well, all of us need a little Tool Man Taylor in us when we do testing of something new. We need to push it and see what it can really do. Although we may not need to go to extremes and blow shit up, we need to take it to the edge.

Most people will test a new idea that they have read about or seen others do, but they don’t always give it enough time to see if it will really work. Or they may not apply all the steps and when their testing doesn’t work, they just stop rather than looking into why it didn’t work for them even though others have had success.

In this video, I am talking about just that…taking our plan and giving it a real test over a period of time.

In this case, we are putting Twitter Video over the coals. I know it has worked for others, but can it work in the niche I am dealing with is what we need to find out.

I know that I have been ahead of the game in different areas and it paid off down the road and wonder if that will be the case here. I am confident that videos on Twitter have a place, we see it working all the time, I just have to get a few things in line to make it work for this current project.You always need to keep in mind that when you introduce anything new to your audience, it may take a while for them to respond. It could also take some changes on your part as to how or what the new content contains. This applies no matter what size your brand is, big or small, you have to test.

So here is the video with details of why we are doing videos, how many videos we are using in our test and a few things we have to figure out along the way. Yes, there are some obstacles, but none we can’t handle.

No, I can’t tell you what Twitter account we are testing on, I know you would love to go over and share all the videos, but I hope they all end up in a stream near you soon.