No Excuses You Can Make Videos

While talking with brands, most are interested in making videos.
They know that consumers are more likely to buy after watching a brand video.
They know that having video will build their know, like and trust with consumers.
They even know all the stats about current video results and the fact that video is growing into a MUST have.
Yet, some will come up with the excuses to ease their decision as to why they aren’t making video.

Honestly, with today’s technology, there are no excuses. In this video I even talk about how I overcame obstacles when I started making videos. I was not handed the best of the best, I was however determined to get ‘er done and I did.

So listen in to hear why I was so freakin determined to make video and get them to rank. I didn’t have a magic button; I had the WANT and DETERMINATION!

If you have an excuse you would like me to debunk, let me know. I already have some queued up and if I haven’t heard yours, I will gladly add it to the list and get that video made, so you can move on and start making videos!

If you are already making videos or are ready to start and you need assistance with understanding ranking, analytics or why some of your videos may be doing better than others…hit the contact button and we can set up a consultation!

YouTube Testing New Layout

It has been a while since YouTube has made any major changes to its frontend layout and so it is no surprise they are testing it now.

Those of us who have been long time YouTubers know they like to shake things up every couple of years by giving their frontend a makeover and we just kind of expect it.

While they make changes in the backend all the time, it doesn’t seem to get the reaction as when the front end changes. Could be that people don’t really understand the analytics, so they just don’t care when those are changed. I however find those changes far more exciting than I do the ones on the front.
I know people will freak out with any change, so I did a side by side comparison of the old and new layout, so no one will feel the need to be shocked when they see a change.

Yes, I am trying to alleviate their stress of “OMG, the buttons moved. I can’t believe YouTube did this, they are gonna die now. I’m never coming back because they moved that button.”

That may be a slight exaggeration, but I am not placing bets against this reaction. Just taking the changes and making it work, doesn’t fit some people’s personality. And they say old people are set in their ways, yet it is the young people who will freak.

Anyway, here is the video with the changes I am seeing as of the time of the video. As I mention, these may or may not be set in stone…YouTube is fickle ya know.

With Facebook, Instagram and Twitter coming up in the video world, YouTube has to keep its edge and so I think we will see lots of changes in the very near future.

I will say that as far as search and analytics, none of the other sites can beat YouTube!

Google Skips Video Intros on YouTube

You know how you do a search on Google and it pulls up a video from YouTube and you can watch it right there by just hitting play…well it seems that Google is going to make those embedded videos even more helpful.

No, they are not going to make their own videos, they are just going to be saving searchers time when they click play. Google is testing out skipping parts of the video to take you right to the answer to your search query.
How cool is that?

You know when people are searching for an answer; they normally need the answer right now so they can move on with their project. They don’t want to wait for the video creator to ramble on about how great they are or how the video would have been done sooner, but their cat pee’d on their laptop…blah, blah, blah.
They want an answer now and Google is helping with that! Looks like those long intro’s may be skippable soon and that is a good thing!

So how excited are you that this could increase your chances of more views just by getting the viewer to actually watch your video rather than clicking off while you chat in your intro?

By the way, if you are still doing long intro’s…STOP! No one cares about you until you give them a reason to care and that reason comes by solving their problem, not talking about yourself.

YouTube Monetization Changes

Over the years YouTube has changed its monetization and partner program a few times and they are at it again.

In this video I explain the changes and why they are happening. At least why I think they are happening.

Advertisers made threats, YouTube restricted videos, Twitter blew up with the Hashtag YouTube is over party, cartoons aren’t for kids and…here we are!

One of the key take away to this is, do not count on ad revenue as a way to make money, if you plan on using your videos as an income stream.

If you are a new channel, just keep making good videos.

Optimize your videos and be sure to share them.

Honestly, if you get upset about this YouTube Partnership change, you will have a very hard time being productive on YouTube. You can’t let these changes deter you from doing what you want to do. If you have a message you want out to the world…then just stick with it! Figure out how to work with changes when they throw them out there. You have a goal and you have to keep moving forward and not sitting and worrying about how to get YouTube to “stay the same”.

YouTube TV Lets You Cut the Cable

YouTube announced that they have begun releasing their new platform called YouTube TV.

As we see the fight for your time in full swing, video plays a huge part and sites are fighting to see who can get and hold your attention.

In this video I give some of the details as to who can get YouTube TV, How much YouTube TV will Cost and what you may see when you sign up.

Facebook and even Twitter are in this fight with YouTube and they are looking to battle the current movie channels like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Not sure 1 will ever pull ahead, but if YouTube can get and secure current tv shows, they may pull it off.

Who is looking to be the loser in this battle? Cable and satellite companies who charge high prices and give crappy service.

Cable and satellite companies may need to find a new way to generate customers and the best way I see that happening is to provide great internet service without the high bundle prices.

I am looking forward to seeing how this plays out over the next few years!

So, I guess when they had their YouTube Is Over Party on Twitter…YouTube didn’t take note…they just keep going!

YouTube is over party was trending

YouTube sure knows how to fire people up when they make changes. Every time there is a change, people notice, but many times it is just minor and people just move on. But this time YouTube hit some of the loudest of the bunch!

Advertisers slung their weight around, YouTube jumped to fast, people were/are losing video views and Twitter got to hear all about it with the #YouTubeIsOverParty trending.

As you can see, YouTube has a knee jerk reaction that caused another knee jerk reaction and I am sure there are more to come!