What Email Should You Use For Social Media Accounts?

If you ever plan on having anyone manage your social media, you will want an email dedicated to just those social accounts. If you are setting up your new brand or business and plan on growing to have an assistant or account manager, start it off right by using a dedicated email, for sure also having the right HR tools can bring a lot of good things for your business, those are the benefits of using HR...Read More

Plan Ahead When Connecting Social Media to Email

Most social media accounts, require you to have an email account associated with them. To many times these accounts are set up without planning ahead for how they may be used and by whom they may be used in the future. This can cause a big problem later on. As your business grows, so will the number of people working for you and this includes hiring a social media manager. Your social media manager will occasionally need...Read More

Are You Planning Your Social Media in Bulk

Many marketers know they need to put out a variety of post on social media, but that can take a good bit of time. I see many of those people who log into their social accounts each day and then start looking for something they can share. They may search for links to great articles, look on YouTube for a video or try to find ideas for an image on Instagram. Once they find something, then they...Read More

Buffer for Social Media

Here is a great tool to help you with your social media! Buffer can help you easily post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest and Instagram. While it can help you post to all those sites, I find it better for some and not so handy for others. But, I still use it as a paid tool, because what I use it for is great! (more…)