Incompetech for Music

Looking for some great music for your next video, but don’t want to spend and arm and leg? Here is a site that has some wonder original music that you won't find everywhere and we know how important it is to have music unlike every other video out there. (more…)

Motion Array Templates and Music

Here is a website for all your video needs. Well, maybe not all, but if you use After Effects & Premier Pro you will love this place. I am a free member of the site and get their newsletter; I also follow them on Facebook. They have a few free templates that I have used and they had a bunch of sound effects they gave away that of course I grabbed. They are a subscription site that...Read More

Audio Blocks for Music

Here we are again, another video that need music and I don’t know how to fiddle. This music site is NOT free, but it is a great site at a great price with LOADS of music, loops and sound effects. Audio Blocks is a subscription based music site. You can have unlimited access to audio clips. (more…)

Music For Makers

Are you looking for music for your projects like videos? Finding the music you want that fits your idea can be a royal pain. But, here is a site you can use to get music for your projects (Please read TOS on every site you use for commercial or resale products). (more…)