Facebook event setting

FaceBook Event Page – Allow Comments by Guest

When you are making an event page on Facebook some setting are made by default and they really can hurt your engagement if you don't change them. Allowing others access to ask question on your event page is sooooo important and in this video I tell you why and show you how and what to watch for, so you aren't leaving people out of the conversation! Allow Guest Posting on Facebook Event Page Video Transcript - Hi...Read More

How to Add a Facebook Page Manager

Everyone said your business needed a Facebook Page, but they probably didn’t tell you how much time it takes to run one. Making post, finding pictures, linking up videos and replying to comments can take up a lot of your time, especially when you are trying to run your business, if you are running your own business you may be interesting in this paying guide. Well, it may be time to add some help to manage your...Read More

How to See Facebook Ads for Any Page

Do you need ideas for Facebook ads? Maybe you want to see what ads the big brands are running? Maybe you want to see the ads your competition is running? Maybe you have seen some political ads and you want to know more about the site buying the ads and how much they are spending on the ads? It is easy to find the ads for any Facebook page once you know where to look and that...Read More

Build Your Local Business During the Shutdown

Many business are temporarily closed due to the Cornavirus shutdown and if you are not doing anything other than just sitting around waiting for the government to let you reopen your business, you are missing out, so you need to learn how businesses work or for example how to make a 1099 MISC which is important for employees and business as well. This is the perfect opportunity to get things done! You know, all those things you...Read More
Facebook Top Fan Badge

Post to Your Facebook Top Fans Only

Having loyal fans on Facebook is a must if you want engagement and shares on your post, which in turn, increases your reach. If you have low or no engagement, then it takes a lot more work to get your post seen and to grow your following. So if you have even a few top fans, you want to keep them. Everyone likes to feel special and rewarded for their efforts and you have that option by...Read More
Facebook Beta Invite

Facebook Is Testing an Updated Layout 2020

It has been a while since Facebook has enraged the masses, so they are beta testing a new layout. While it says it is easier to use, I’m not so sure about that. I tested the new layout and found a few issues that don’t make it better (Yes, I know it is called beta for a reason.) As you watch the video showing you all the glitz and glory, a few things I noticed right off...Read More

How to Schedule Post on Facebook

Knowing how to schedule post on your Facebook Fan Page can help you save time and help you build your followers. I know people use different methods for maintaining their pages, so I have made 2 versions of this step by step; one is if you are using a desktop and one is if you are on mobile. I want you to keep in mind that just because you don’t have to be on your Facebook page...Read More
Facebook Top Fan Badge

How to Display the Facebook Top Fan Badge

Have you seen the “Top Fan” badge displayed on Facebook comments and you are wondering how you can have that on your own page? In the 2 videos, I take you over to Facebook and show you step by step how to turn on your Top Fan Badges. On video walks you through enabling the Fan Badge using a PC, the other is if you are doing it on mobile. When Facebook 1st came out with the...Read More
Sheryl Granny Facebook pages video

How to Find Pages Liked on Facebook

Every so often it is a good idea to go clean out liked Facebook pages that you no longer want to follow. This also gives you a chance to see all those pages and figure out if you are even seeing their post in your stream. If a page is inactive you can just unlike it and not have it cluttering your list. Once you do a search and pull up the list of liked Facebook pages,...Read More

Gaming Facebook Live with Polls

I bet you have been looking for creative ways to get better reach for your Facebook page and many times when we see something working for others, we then just jump in…but should you? Facebook makes it hard to get reach for pages and that means you need to buy ads. But, there is someone who always finds a way to game the system. Facebook Live videos have the best reach of all post on a Facebook...Read More

Bring Guest Into Your Facebook Live Video

People have really picked up on using Facebook Live video to get their message out, but they wanted more and Facebook is stepping up to give it to them. Just talking to a camera can get a bit old. It is nice when you have the option to collaborate with someone to broaden your reach and message, but that can be hard especially if your platform of choice is Facebook Live. Well, now Facebook is going to...Read More

Facebook Puts Ads in Videos

Facebook has started testing midroll ads in native videos as they said they would. Let me just say, it wasn’t pretty. Back in April 2017, Facebook talked about putting ads in Live Stream videos and the casually mentioned adding them to native videos. Now, I seldom watch a livestream on Facebook, so if they have placed any ads on them, I don’t know. But, I have not heard anyone mention it as of yet. However, I saw...Read More

Facebook is going to put ads on live streaming

Facebook live has taken off and many people are using it to get their message out. It has mostly grown because it is easy to use and it has the best reach for business pages, now Facebook will use these videos to make some money. In this video I talk about who will benefit from having the ads and why I think putting ads on a live stream could be scary as hell. You won’t see me...Read More