Facebook event setting

FaceBook Event Page – Allow Comments by Guest

When you are making an event page on Facebook some setting are made by default and they really can hurt your engagement if you don't change them. Allowing others access to ask question on your event page is sooooo important and in this video I tell you why and show you how and what to watch for, so you aren't leaving people out of the conversation! Allow Guest Posting on Facebook Event Page Video Transcript - Hi...Read More

Do NOT Cancel Your Facebook Event

For those of you who manage social media for events or are event planners for public gatherings, this is a strange place to e right now. The Corona Virus has put us all in a place we have most likely never been. Event halls are closed, cities, counties, and states have restricted gatherings and that hits us all hard. We have events planned and they have been on Facebook for a while and now we can’t hold...Read More

Will People Buy Tickets to Your Event? Analyze Your Audience

Saying you want to have an event is easy. Coming up with general ideas of what and why you want to have an event is easy. Figuring out if people will want to actually come to your event is not as easy and finding out if people will pay to attend your event takes even more work. I sit down with Lany Sullivan to talk about “getting butts in seats” for your event. We look at analyzing...Read More

Event Landing Page Tips

The reason you plan an event is so you can bring people together for a common cause. Your main goal is to fill your event with people, it doesn’t matter if it is a free event or a paid event, you want people to participate and your landing page can make draw people in to register or it can turn them away. If people get the info they want and it appeals to them, they will register...Read More