Why You Need Google My Business

Google My Business has been around for a few years, yet many local businesses are not taking advantage of it. If you are looking to get in front of customers at the exact time they need your product or service, then you should be using Google My Business to the fullest! Don't wait until it is main stream and all your competition is building their GMB...get ahead of them by starting now! I have a video telling...Read More

How to Schedule Post on Facebook

Knowing how to schedule post on your Facebook Fan Page can help you save time and help you build your followers. I know people use different methods for maintaining their pages, so I have made 2 versions of this step by step; one is if you are using a desktop and one is if you are on mobile. I want you to keep in mind that just because you don’t have to be on your Facebook page...Read More

Free Instagram Story Background Videos

Free vertical video clips and more... If you love making Instagram stories but don’t always shave the right background footage to really get your message across, then this is for you. Vertical video backgrounds are really hard to find and while I believe there will be more video sites offering them, right now it is very limited. So I came across MixKit Video and they have a limited selection of vertical videos at this time, but they...Read More
Facebook Top Fan Badge

How to Display the Facebook Top Fan Badge

Have you seen the “Top Fan” badge displayed on Facebook comments and you are wondering how you can have that on your own page? In the 2 videos, I take you over to Facebook and show you step by step how to turn on your Top Fan Badges. On video walks you through enabling the Fan Badge using a PC, the other is if you are doing it on mobile. When Facebook 1st came out with the...Read More
Sheryl Granny Facebook pages video

How to Find Pages Liked on Facebook

Every so often it is a good idea to go clean out liked Facebook pages that you no longer want to follow. This also gives you a chance to see all those pages and figure out if you are even seeing their post in your stream. If a page is inactive you can just unlike it and not have it cluttering your list. Once you do a search and pull up the list of liked Facebook pages,...Read More

No Excuses You Can Make Videos

While talking with brands, most are interested in making videos. They know that consumers are more likely to buy after watching a brand video. They know that having video will build their know, like and trust with consumers. They even know all the stats about current video results and the fact that video is growing into a MUST have. Yet, some will come up with the excuses to ease their decision as to why they aren’t making...Read More

Gaming Facebook Live with Polls

I bet you have been looking for creative ways to get better reach for your Facebook page and many times when we see something working for others, we then just jump in…but should you? Facebook makes it hard to get reach for pages and that means you need to buy ads. But, there is someone who always finds a way to game the system. Facebook Live videos have the best reach of all post on a Facebook...Read More

Bring Guest Into Your Facebook Live Video

People have really picked up on using Facebook Live video to get their message out, but they wanted more and Facebook is stepping up to give it to them. Just talking to a camera can get a bit old. It is nice when you have the option to collaborate with someone to broaden your reach and message, but that can be hard especially if your platform of choice is Facebook Live. Well, now Facebook is going to...Read More

Plan Ahead When Connecting Social Media to Email

Most social media accounts, require you to have an email account associated with them. To many times these accounts are set up without planning ahead for how they may be used and by whom they may be used in the future. This can cause a big problem later on. As your business grows, so will the number of people working for you and this includes hiring a social media manager. Your social media manager will occasionally need...Read More

Are You Planning Your Social Media in Bulk

Many marketers know they need to put out a variety of post on social media, but that can take a good bit of time. I see many of those people who log into their social accounts each day and then start looking for something they can share. They may search for links to great articles, look on YouTube for a video or try to find ideas for an image on Instagram. Once they find something, then they...Read More

YouTube Testing New Layout

It has been a while since YouTube has made any major changes to its frontend layout and so it is no surprise they are testing it now. Those of us who have been long time YouTubers know they like to shake things up every couple of years by giving their frontend a makeover and we just kind of expect it. While they make changes in the backend all the time, it doesn’t seem to get the reaction...Read More

Testing Videos on Twitter

If you ever watched Home Improvement in the early 90’s, you will remember Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor who couldn’t just do a simple job; nope he always had to take everything to the limit (and then some). Well, all of us need a little Tool Man Taylor in us when we do testing of something new. We need to push it and see what it can really do. Although we may not need to go to...Read More

Branded Hashtags on Instagram Look Spammy

If you have ever started working with an Instagram account that seems to be troubled, you start looking at all the possible reasons they aren’t doing as well as expected. You check to see if the images are just bad. Are they using good hashtags? Are the followers all fake? Do they just post and run… All of those things are usually easy to spot, but once you take a quick check and see nothing wrong, you...Read More

Save Data with Twitter Mobile

Twitter India has pushed out a new Twitter mobile site that will help you save on your data usage. Most mobile users like saving data when they can as it gets pretty expensive if your carrier doesn’t offer a good plan. Many countries just don’t have the same options for unlimited data that others do, so Twitter India has come to the rescue. This new Twitter mobile site not only saves you data, it also helps when...Read More

Google Skips Video Intros on YouTube

You know how you do a search on Google and it pulls up a video from YouTube and you can watch it right there by just hitting play…well it seems that Google is going to make those embedded videos even more helpful. No, they are not going to make their own videos, they are just going to be saving searchers time when they click play. Google is testing out skipping parts of the video to take you...Read More