No Excuses You Can Make Videos

While talking with brands, most are interested in making videos.
They know that consumers are more likely to buy after watching a brand video.
They know that having video will build their know, like and trust with consumers.
They even know all the stats about current video results and the fact that video is growing into a MUST have.
Yet, some will come up with the excuses to ease their decision as to why they aren’t making video.

Honestly, with today’s technology, there are no excuses. In this video I even talk about how I overcame obstacles when I started making videos. I was not handed the best of the best, I was however determined to get ‘er done and I did.

So listen in to hear why I was so freakin determined to make video and get them to rank. I didn’t have a magic button; I had the WANT and DETERMINATION!

If you have an excuse you would like me to debunk, let me know. I already have some queued up and if I haven’t heard yours, I will gladly add it to the list and get that video made, so you can move on and start making videos!

If you are already making videos or are ready to start and you need assistance with understanding ranking, analytics or why some of your videos may be doing better than others…hit the contact button and we can set up a consultation!