Music For Makers

Are you looking for music for your projects like videos?

Finding the music you want that fits your idea can be a royal pain. But, here is a site you can use to get music for your projects (Please read TOS on every site you use for commercial or resale products).

Music for Makers – this is a site that I just happened upon and not sure how. But, you can sign up for free and each Monday he sends you a short clip that you can use for your own projects, but can NOT resell in any way. These clips are normally about 30 seconds and are perfect for those little videos.

You can also purchase the full length clips. This site is smaller and more personal than many of the big sites.

You can get the Music for Makers PRO version for just $100 a year and have access to their full library.

This is a great site with some original music that you will not hear on every other video. So, I suggest you go check it out!