Motion Array Templates and Music

Here is a website for all your video needs. Well, maybe not all, but if you use After Effects & Premier Pro you will love this place.

I am a free member of the site and get their newsletter; I also follow them on Facebook. They have a few free templates that I have used and they had a bunch of sound effects they gave away that of course I grabbed.

They are a subscription site that is very reasonably priced at only $19 a month for 4 downloads. If you compare what 4 downloads cost at other sites, then you will see the bargain.

Another thing that Motion Array has that others don’t is Premier Pro templates.  For some reason, these templates are hard to come by, but are great for effects, slideshows, overlays and more! They are also easier for many people who can’t or are not handy with After Effects.

They also have some stock music, stock video and motion graphics.

I would suggest you stop by, get the free membership and stay up on what they offer. You may just find things you need at a price you can’t beat!

Motion Array –  Could be the resource you need to up your video game!