Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar 360 Images

Restaurants and bars are always at the top of the list for local searches. People love to go out to eat and hangout with friends, but when it comes to choosing where they are going to go, a few things come into play.

Of course everyone has their favorite spot, but as you know, sometimes you want something different or maybe you are new to the area and haven’t had the chance to pick your spot yet. So you head to Google to see what is around and whatever Google pulls up is how you start making your decisions.

If you own a restaurant or bar, you want to have a chance at being the spot they choose to spend their money…

  1. You have to be ranking on Google Maps for your area or you won’t even have a chance to grab that customer’s attention.
  2. They want to know all about your business. So they can decide if you offer what they are looking for.

So to rank on Google Maps, you are going to want to make sure you are optimizing your Google My Business Listing to the fullest. If you are ignoring your GMB, you are just opening up that spot to your competition.

Once they do find your listing they will be clicking on pictures to see things like, is there outdoor seating, is there a bar, does it look clean, is it way to dark or maybe it is just too bright.

While you have no control over the atmosphere they are looking for, you can give them an accurate view of what you offer and 360 images are perfect for that.

To see all of the 360 Images of the Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar on Google Maps click HERE

Let’s look at what a potential customer can see from just this one image…

  1. Looks like a nicer establishment and not just a hole in the wall neighborhood bar.
  2. Lots of parking.
  3. Outdoor seating area.
  4. They can also get an idea of what the place looks like from the outside, making it easier for them to spot while driving in.

All that info from just 1 360 image and since people tend to go places they are familiar with, you have just added to that for them.

Be sure to click over and see the rest of the images to get a better understanding of how they can help you show off your restaurant or bar on Google Maps.

When you are ready to up your game on Google Maps, give me a call and we can decide on how many images you need/want and a time to get them taken.

Once the images have been taken, I will then edit them and upload through Street View.

Having 360 images taken and uploaded is a 1 time fee and they can help bring you customers for a long time.