How to See Facebook Ads for Any Page

Do you need ideas for Facebook ads?

Maybe you want to see what ads the big brands are running?

Maybe you want to see the ads your competition is running?

Maybe you have seen some political ads and you want to know more about the site buying the ads and how much they are spending on the ads?

It is easy to find the ads for any Facebook page once you know where to look and that is what I show you in this quick video.

Facebook wants transparency and that includes ads, so take a look and in just a few minutes, you will on your way to spying on your competitors Facebook Ads! LOL

By the way, you don’t need any special tools or programs…this is right on Facebook and it is free!

How To See Competitors Facebook Ads for Free

Video Transcript –

Have you ever wanted to see the ads that a particular Facebook page is running?

I’m Sheryl Loch with Ginger Roots Media in this video I’m gonna show you how to go and find the ads that a particular page is running.

Maybe they are a competitor and you know they have some great ads, you’ve seen them go through your stream, but you’ve kind of forgot what they said or what images, things like that. You want to go check them out again so that you can make similar ads.

Or maybe you create content such as images or video or music and someone’s told you, “Hey this page is using your picture on an ad or your video clip or some music” and they don’t know where the ad went. It was in their stream, they saw it but they can’t find it now. That’s okay, I’m gonna show you how to go and find the ads if you know the name of the page running those ads that you want to check out. Then you can go find them.

So let’s head over to Facebook. I’ll show you how to do this and then it’s up to you to go and do your research into what’s working what isn’t, but this is gonna give you a heads up and you’ll be able to see who’s doing what.

Alright for this demonstration I have picked a page that everybody probably knows, Reese’s.

So once you go to a page on Facebook, you’re gonna scroll down and on the right hand side you’re gonna see page transparency. There’s a lot of info back here, some useful some not, but we’re gonna look at how to find the ads. You can click see more. You’ll get a pop up.

You’re gonna have the page history, shows name changes.

People who manage the page, you’ll be able to see where these people are located, which sometimes can be very helpful and organizations. This one doesn’t have a confirmed page owner, that’s fine.

Go back to the summary. Now once you’re here, you’ll see that most of the same information right here.

If you go all the way the bottom, ads from this page. This page is currently running ads. I know that, because for some reason I get all the Reese’s ads.

We’re going to click, go to add library.

Now once this comes up you’re going to have some options such as platform. You’re going to be able to see if they’re placing ads on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network or messenger.

You’re gonna be able to open this up to see, if you just want to see the last day, last seven, last up to last 90 days. And you can also filter by location. Also if there’s any issues for political things. I’ll show you what that does here in a minute.

But you can come down here and on each of their ads you’re gonna see, they’re running several ads. And you can see which platforms right up here. They also have multiple versions. So if we go right under the ad you’ll see “see ad details.” This will bring up the ad you can check it out.

You can also look at multiple versions of this particular ad, so that can come in handy when you when you’re trying to figure out what they’re doing.

If this is your competitor, which I don’t know as anybody would compete with Reese’s, so it’s you can go through and see all of them they’re running. It’s pretty easy. You’ll see what’s active, what isn’t.

Now I want to take you over and show you another page that has political ads.

So this is another page that I looked at and you’ll be able to see when I click go to “ad library” and we’ll click on issues electoral or political.

Now these are inactive, but they were considered political, so you’ll be able to get some information on that. You’ll also be able to see at the top how much the ad spend was. You can click on “see spend details.”

This one tells you it ran without a disclaimer. Not a whole lot in there, but with the elections coming up, with any type of big political things going on, policy changes, this is one thing you’ll be able to use. Even if you’re not a marketer looking at the specific ads, you can see if a company or a brand is running political ads and what the ads are.

So when you go to a page, any page you want, just scroll down to “page transparency.” Every page that runs ads you’ll be able to see them.

Okay there you have it. I mean it’s super easy to do.

I spend a lot of time clicking through different pages looking at their ads, what what’s working, what isn’t and this this is for anybody no matter how big or small your business is, or what kind of business you have, eveen that this would be a gym you need to managing your gym.

Even events, if a page is running an event that looks like it’s really hot and they’re running some ads for it and you want to go check it out, head on over and do that.

So I hope this helps.

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