How to Add a Facebook Page Manager

Everyone said your business needed a Facebook Page, but they probably didn’t tell you how much time it takes to run one.

Making post, finding pictures, linking up videos and replying to comments can take up a lot of your time, especially when you are trying to run your business, if you are running your own business you may be interesting in this paying guide.

Well, it may be time to add some help to manage your page and in this video, I show you how to do just that!

How to Add Managers to Your Facebook Page

Video Transcript –

So you’ve made your Facebook business page, but you are finding it super hard to keep up with everything going on.

You’ve gotta make replies, you have to answer messages, you’ve got to make those posts on a regular schedule all of that takes time. What can you do about it? I’ll let you know.

I’m Sheryl Loch with Ginger Roots Media and if you haven’t seen it yet, for those of you that are trying to do your Facebook business page fan page by yourself, I’ve got a video on how to schedule posts. Scheduling post is a lifesaver, if you have time to do that.

Now if for some reason your business is just booming you don’t have time to mess with that and you need a little help on your Facebook business page, what can you do?

Well if you’re gonna hire someone to go in and make post, you want them to make updates, answer questions, reply to people’s comments, moderate, answer messages all of those things.

Somewhere along the lines some people have decided that they have to give a person access to their personal Facebook so they can manage the page and that’s not so. You don’t have to. In fact I manage a lot of different pages, I have no access to the owners actual profile, only their page.

So in this video what I want to do is take you in the backend, show you how to add an admin and what you can allow them to do. This will be determined by your trust factor, so kind of think before you give someone too much access, but they need enough access to get the job done.

If you’re wondering, when they post, if I’m an admin on your business page, when I make an update it will come off as the name of your business page. It will not be under my personal name, it will be as your business page. So there again you need to think who’s representing your business.

Now if for some reason you’re not used to seeing these type of post where you’ve had admins and managers, for you and other admin, you will be able to see who made the post. So it will have the posts, will be posted as your business page and you will be able to see who made it but people following the page won’t.

So let’s head over to Facebook I’m gonna show you how to add an admin and managers, so that you can get more done on your business and let someone else handle the Facebook end. Ok here we are on my Facebook page and we are going to go in and add an admin.

So what we’re going to do is go up here on the right to settings. Then we’re gonna come over here and on the left hand column, we’re gonna go part way down to page roles.

Okay now when you are on page roles you’re going to see assign a new page role, existing page roles, or display names. We’re going to go through each of those so if you have an admin you would like to add you can type in their name or email address right here and then you can pick what access you would like for them to have. Admin, editor, editor moderator, advertiser or analyst.

Now each of these that you click on it will give you the description right down here below it, so you can make sure you are giving them the access you want to. Once you type in a name, alright now I can click Add and it will probably ask me my password and then it will send them notification that they have been invited to be an admin. So it’s really pretty easy.

Now if you have added, I’ll click that off, so she doesn’t get one by accident.

Now if you have added someone back here you can click the Edit and change their roles, remove them, whatever you would like to do. So if you’ve added someone and they are no longer working with you, you can remove them.

Maybe you want to give them more access or less, so you just hit the edit, now display names. This is so when someone messages your page, when someone replies, you have the option to show who that is. So if we click this on, then what’s gonna happen is, when I go to reply to a message, I can turn this on and it will let me decide if I want to put a full name.

So then it will be Sheryl Loch from options I can do a first name and initial of last name, just a first name, I can do an initial of first name and last name, last name and initial… so this way someone knows who they are actually talking to.

It makes it a lot easier, because when you have an owner and a page manager someone may be thinking they are talking to the owner and might be asking questions that only the owner would know and they might get confused if someone says I’ll check and get back to you.

So, especially if it’s like a local business or a restaurant maybe and they’re asking about something you may have a social media person that needs to check on that, but they want to reply. They say I’m here, I hear your question but I need to get back to you. So that’s a handy thing to do.

You can just have them always sign their name whenever they’re talking to someone on there if you prefer that they not see who the message is from. You just leave all of this off. So that’s adding a page manager and like I said you can go in and change these at any time.

You’ll simply be on your page, go to settings, then page roles. Okay there you have it! Now all you need to do is figure out what you want those people to manage for you, how much access you want to give them.

Set out some good guidelines for whoever you hire to do this, because to just say and go in and post as me doesn’t work.

You’re gonna need to set some guidelines and you’ll want to watch the progress. I would also suggest that with your guidelines do not get super tight.

Sometimes whoever is posting for your business when they have a little bit of personality it can help. A lot of businesses are way too freakin stale and if you’re not getting the reactions it might be time to change it up or maybe you’re getting great reactions, but you also can’t expect someone else to say and do things exactly like you did. So give them the guidelines, but remember there’s a little bit of give there.

Thanks for watching be sure to subscribe we got more Facebook tips coming!