Google Skips Video Intros on YouTube

You know how you do a search on Google and it pulls up a video from YouTube and you can watch it right there by just hitting play…well it seems that Google is going to make those embedded videos even more helpful.

No, they are not going to make their own videos, they are just going to be saving searchers time when they click play. Google is testing out skipping parts of the video to take you right to the answer to your search query.
How cool is that?

You know when people are searching for an answer; they normally need the answer right now so they can move on with their project. They don’t want to wait for the video creator to ramble on about how great they are or how the video would have been done sooner, but their cat pee’d on their laptop…blah, blah, blah.
They want an answer now and Google is helping with that! Looks like those long intro’s may be skippable soon and that is a good thing!

So how excited are you that this could increase your chances of more views just by getting the viewer to actually watch your video rather than clicking off while you chat in your intro?

By the way, if you are still doing long intro’s…STOP! No one cares about you until you give them a reason to care and that reason comes by solving their problem, not talking about yourself.