Gaming Facebook Live with Polls

I bet you have been looking for creative ways to get better reach for your Facebook page and many times when we see something working for others, we then just jump in…but should you?

Facebook makes it hard to get reach for pages and that means you need to buy ads. But, there is someone who always finds a way to game the system.

Facebook Live videos have the best reach of all post on a Facebook Business page and therefore it will be used in any way possible for that boost. Even in ways that may go against Facebook TOS.

The polls you may have seen are just 1 way that people are gaming the system and as we know, Facebook does NOT like it. Although they have laid down the rules from the beginning, they don’t always enforce things until they are ready and that is the case with Live Video.

In this video we talk about a Facebook update where they say they will be enforcing the TOS and putting the kabash on some of the ways people are gaming the system.

If you have taken time to build your page on any platform, you need to understand the risk involved when going against the rules.