Free Instagram Story Background Videos

Free vertical video clips and more...

If you love making Instagram stories but don’t always shave the right background footage to really get your message across, then this is for you.

Vertical video backgrounds are really hard to find and while I believe there will be more video sites offering them, right now it is very limited.

So I came across MixKit Video and they have a limited selection of vertical videos at this time, but they will be adding more.

They also have a wide variety of 16:9 b-roll clips that you can also download for free.

I downloaded a couple and there is no registration, no fee, but you can NOT put these clips in a collection on a site, nor can you sell the clips. They are for YOU to use.

Since you can use them commercially, it does sound like you could use the clips for clients IF you are editing them sufficiently.

Their TOS state “sell physical or digital copies of Items without first altering them by applying skill and effort, and incorporating other elements”. So take that as you will…I’m not responsible for you. LOL

As always…read the full TOS for yourself!

So I hope you enjoy the B-roll footage and the vertical clips!

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