Facebook Is Testing an Updated Layout 2020

It has been a while since Facebook has enraged the masses, so they are beta testing a new layout.

While it says it is easier to use, I’m not so sure about that.

I tested the new layout and found a few issues that don’t make it better (Yes, I know it is called beta for a reason.)

Facebook Beta Invite

As you watch the video showing you all the glitz and glory, a few things I noticed right off are…

  1. Can’t upload 360 images.
  2. So much wasted space.
  3. Can’t tell if a video is uploaded to a post (it is just gray).
  4. To damn many spots for messages wasting even more space.
  5. They are highlighting useless areas of the platform (at least to me.)
  6. There’s more, but you get the idea.

A Look at the New Facebook Layout 2020 - Beta Testing

I am sure they will be working hard to improve it before they roll it out. Then again, Facebook doesn’t care, because they know people will scream and yell and still use the platform.

As they kill off even more Page reach, I think many businesses are saying enough is enough and are just abandoning their Pages. If not totally abandoning them, they are not as focused on them.

I strongly encourage any local business owner to really put their head into Google My Business.

I have a video with why you need to use GMB and yes, I do consulting and management for Google My Business Listings.