Event Landing Page Tips

The reason you plan an event is so you can bring people together for a common cause. Your main goal is to fill your event with people, it doesn’t matter if it is a free event or a paid event, you want people to participate and your landing page can make draw people in to register or it can turn them away.

If people get the info they want and it appeals to them, they will register and probably even share with their friends.

But if your landing page sucks, it may turn people away or they may bombard you with questions that eat up all your time, neither of which will get your event filled.

So we have a video sharing some of the Event Landing Page Tips we have learned along the way.

Save yourself time, money and effort by doing things right the 1st time.

Tips for your live event landing page…

Video Transcript –

[Sheryl] Are you planning out the landing page for your event ticket sales? Let’s take a look at what you need to watch out for.

Hi I’m Sheryl Loch with Ginger Roots Media and I do digital marketing strategy and I’m here with…

[Lany] Hi guys I’m Lany Sullivan with Events By Lany and obviously I plan events. So let’s talk about it. Let’s dive into it.

Your landing page or event landing page is to sell tickets.

The whole point of your event in the first place is to get butts in seats.

So if you don’t have your landing page on point you’re not going to make any ticket sales outside of the entire marketing strategy as a whole you need to have a good landing page. Your end result is ticket sales.

You need to be clear and concise, you need to make your landing page user friendly, you need to make it accessible.

The problem that Sheryl and I run into and it’s really ridiculous, you guys if somebody goes to your landing page and they can’t freaking find out how to buy a ticket, they’ve got to go through five different portals in your landing page and there’s no there’s 20 different ticket prices, you’ve got 20 different affiliate fees, and they just don’t work.

So you need to trim that down, streamline it.

You need to have one place where they can buy a ticket.

If you want to have 20 different coupon codes great, I don’t really recommend it, but it’s kind of messy when you start go in that direction. But you need to make sure that it’s really concise and it’s really easy to find so people can actually buy that ticket and show up to your event!

Make sure you know and you’ve expressed what value they’re going to receive, what’s the benefit, why are they going to show up, why are they going to spend $100, $500, $2,000 to show up to your event travel the globe and be there.

What’s their benefit?

What are they going to walk away with?

What kind of an experience are you going to create for them?

What kind of memories are they going to make? Those are things you need to have on your landing page.

So there’s a few other extra event details I’ll let Sheryl dive into that, you need to make sure you have as well.

[Sheryl] You need your location clear as day don’t make them sort through the mud to figure out exactly where it is.

But what if they haven’t picked a venue yet?

[Lany] Well if they haven’t picked a venue, you can say, you know one client did, we’re doing it in North America in 2017.

Another client says we’re doing it in Greece in 2018. Another we’re doing in Panama on 2018. So you can pick a general location or general continent, but you need to at least have an idea of which direction you’re going.

[Sheryl] Okay agenda, when I go to an event landing page and I might want to buy a ticket, but I’m not going to buy a ticket if I don’t know who the speakers are, what is planned for this event, so what if they’re still lining up speakers and after parties and things like that?

[Lany] If you guys have not planned out your entire agenda that’s okay, give a sample agenda. Give an idea of what’s going to be happening. If you’ve got some speakers already secured, highlight your secured speakers, your keynotes, at least give them something and then as you add in speakers we’re going to talk about this more in a few more videos so you know we’ll talk we’ll definitely dive into a deeper. But promote your speakers as you go and as you secure them.

[Sheryl] And pricing packages, nothing is more irritating than when you go there and you either don’t know the price or they have several packages listed, but you don’t understand what each package is going to give me. So I don’t know if it’s the entire event, does that include the parties, does it just get me into hear speakers one day, three days, seven days? I want exact details!

[Lany] And so does your attendee.

[Sheryl] Is there like, can you have too many packages?

[Lany] Yes you can have too many packages! There’s no like right or wrong answer in the sense of how many packages is enough and how many packages is too much. It really depends on what you’re creating for your event. You know are you doing a VIP day? Are you doing an exclusive, you know extra like, VIP VIP level? Are you doing one-day passes?

You can do three or four or five or even ten packages, but what’s too much for your event so you need to sit down with your team and your event planner and you need to come to a conclusion and come to a point that says, these are the three or four or five packages, and honestly I really like to get my clients to five packages unless it’s a longer-term event where there’s more activities going on.

[Sheryl] And food – I insist there always be food in the package I get, but that’s beside the point.

So make sure all of these things out at a bare minimum are right there and easy when I come to your page if I have to look for these things I’m not going. Because there’s really no event that is, that if it’s that disorganized on your landing page, I tend to think the event will be a [Lany] hot mess. Yeah that’s putting it nicely.

[Sheryl] Yeah that’s not the word I was going to use ,but yeah that’s nicer I don’t have to bleep that out, thanks Lany.

[Lany] Your welcome.

[Sheryl] So, is there

anything else?

I mean you could probably include tons of stuff, but don’t we want just the basics and then you can have different pages for more information so exactly all of this information doesn’t have to be full-blown on the sales page you can have links to it, but make sure those links are handy and right there for them. If they have to search you’re done.

[Lany] And make sure every button, every buy button, actually goes to a buy page, so that way people can actually put their credit card number and then buy the ticket .it’s kind of an important piece.

[Sheryl] Yeah, I like those that you click the Buy button, it doesn’t do anything. [Lany] It doesn’t go anywhere.

[Sheryl] Or it doesn’t connect with anything you’ve ever seen before like some oddball freaking pay system.

[Lany] Yeah and you know making sure the pay system works. You know if you want to use Stripe, PayPal you can accept credit cards. You know make it something that’s conducive internationally, because if you’re looking to bring in clients and attendees from around the world, I mean the people travel and so they find the common systems that work for your attendees and right now PayPal and stripe there’s a few other ones that are the most common for payments on events.

[Sheryl] Okay got any suggestions for third party apps?

[Lany] Third party apps, you can use Event Bright, you can use Bizabo, there’s a ton, hundreds of thousands of different event apps, but Bizabo and Event Bright are actually two of the top ticket sales and they help you create your own landing page if you don’t want to do it on your own website and you’re really trying to navigate it ,go check out one of those and we’ll put links in below so you guys can just go in and grab one of those links.

[Sheryl] And for those that are planning their own events or creating events for maybe their boss where might they be able to find a little extra bonus that could help them on their way?

[Lany] Well I might have a few tips and tricks for you if you go over to Events By Lany com and click on my knowledgebase. I have a ton of resources that you guys can get and they’re free if you want my roadmap. I do have an event planning roadmap that will give you everything that you need to plan an event from start to finish.

[Sheryl] So look for those links below and be sure to subscribe, because we’ve got a lot more event creation tips the good the bad the ugly and then some.

So thanks for watching be sure to share your share, subscribe, leave a comment, leave a like, leave a dislike, leave a freaking question, we might answer it.