How many views do Google Maps Images get?

During the shutdown, I have been going out to get images for local businesses. I normally get 1 still image and 1 360 image of each business. I then upload the pictures to the Google Maps listing of that business. These images are great for each business since it updates their listing and having user generated content helps validate the business. One of the things I am seeing is how many views each of my images is...Read More

Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar 360 Images

Restaurants and bars are always at the top of the list for local searches. People love to go out to eat and hangout with friends, but when it comes to choosing where they are going to go, a few things come into play. Of course everyone has their favorite spot, but as you know, sometimes you want something different or maybe you are new to the area and haven’t had the chance to pick your spot yet....Read More