Build Your Local Business During the Shutdown

Many business are temporarily closed due to the Cornavirus shutdown and if you are not doing anything other than just sitting around waiting for the government to let you reopen your business, you are missing out, so you need to learn how businesses work or for example how to make a 1099 MISC which is important for employees and business as well.

This is the perfect opportunity to get things done! You know, all those things you say you never have time to do… well, now you have the time, so use it wisely!

Take this time to build your social media and Google My Business pages, also you can start checking new paycheck stub templates for your business.

Keep in contact with your customers…build rather than wait!

Local Business – What to do Instead of Stressing Over Corona Virus

Video Transcript…

Hey guys, I want to make a quick video. I know that things are really crazy right now if you own a local business. You’re probably dealing with a lot of shutdowns in your town from the virus and things have gone kind of crazy ans many are contemplating selling a small business.

Maybe your business is dropped off, some of them massively for right now. But, I want you to know there are things you can do, because we know that all of these closures, people staying indoors, it’s all gonna end and I want you to take this time to get your business ready. So there’s a few things you can do while it’s slow.

Rather than getting on Facebook or turning on the news and seeing all the terrible things and the negative things. I want you to take this time and do something good, because when this all blows over and things are back to normal, you’re gonna be ahead of the game.

I’m Sheryl Loch with Ginger Roots Media, I manage Google My Business and social media for local businesses in Las Vegas and we have been getting hit hard.

Casinos are closing, a lot of things, all the events are getting canceled. School we don’t know about, everything’s in a bit of a disarray, but as far as my clients go, I’m working to get things set, so when things are back to normal they’re ahead of the competition that have been sitting around stressing.

So being online has always been of utmost importance and one of the big things is Google My Business. Google My Business is where people start typing in when they want a product or service and they’re going to be looking on maps to see where it is.

Well, with everybody closing down, with all the scare of the illness, people aren’t going to start store hopping to look for something, they’re gonna go online and they’re gonna find that service or that product they need as close to home as possible.

They want to make one stop get what they need. So I strongly encouraged you to get your Google My Business, make sure you’re making updates with what you have that people are really searching for and let them know do you have it.

If you are out of something let people know we are out, we expect it in on this day.

Whatever the case, you need to be on

Google My Business! You should have been on there two years ago, but now is a time you can really be of service to your customers.

So I want you to look around, think about it and start on Google My

Business first!

Now as soon as you watch this video, go look at your Google My Business and get it in line, if you don’t know how to do that give me a call no matter where you are.

I do consultations, I’ll help you get it figured out. If your local Las Vegas I can come to your store and help you, I’m not as scared of no virus yet.

So once you’ve got your Google My Business in line, the next thing I want you to do is look around your store or if you have a service, think about what you can do for Facebook posts.

Not just for today, but for the next say month, because this quarantine and most cancellations, are going for a couple weeks, so start thinking about what you can do. I want you to go around your business, take images.

One of the biggest things with managing Google My Business and social media is, I like to handle things myself, I like to go to your store, I like to go to your business take my own pictures. Because one of the things business owners always say is, I don’t have time to take pictures. I get that, you’re busy running your business.

Well if you’re little slack on customers right now, take this time to go around and take pictures of your products. Take pictures of your team doing whatever it is they do.

If you are a plumber, take pictures of a toilet or whatever you have. Maybe you have pictures in files that you can go through and start sorting. Get those pictures in line then go to your Facebook page and start scheduling out your post.

Edit those images, write out nice little things and scheduled those post. They don’t all have to go out today, you can schedule them out. If you don’t know how to do that I’ve got a video to show you how, so we’ve got that taken care of, our Facebook is in line!

Same images, you can do things for Instagram if that’s where you like to go.

Or maybe a YouTube video about showing off some of your products or services that you normally don’t have time to do. Now might just be the time to do it all.

So I want you to look at your email list, lots of places have email lists from their customers, in whatever way you gather your email lists go through it write out an email to all of your customers. Don’t, whatever you do, don’t dwell on the negative of people being sick or cancellations. Think of something positive to say. Tell them you’re gonna have a special or you hope they’re doing good and you look forward to seeing them again.

Maybe you have some specials going on that might get them to come down because they’ve been needing that or they might need that special as soon as everything blows over.

So these are things you can do now! Go back through and look for where people have mentioned you or tagged you in post, take the time to get that all set up so you can answer them.

Answer reviews that have been left that you’ve ignored for the past couple of months.

There’s a lot of things you can do, but if all you want to do is sit in your shop and pout and be sad because your business is dropping off, it’s not going to help you! That is not going to get you anywhere!

What is gonna get you somewhere is once this is over you’re set, you’ve been helpful to customers, you have everything ready to go, you’ve been putting out your updates, you’re on it! They’re gonna see that you’re still active, you’re still in business and you’re not letting this stop you, they’ll remember that.

So, that’s my tip for you, don’t let this whole virus get in the way. I know it’s gonna be tough on you, cuz trust me I’m feeling it too, everybody is. But we can all get through this and I want you to have your business growing and be profitable and be ready, because we are gonna get through this.

So go to your social media, go around your store take pictures, whatever it is you need to do take the time and get it done.

I’ll see y’all soon, thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe I have some other tips come in for local businesses.

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