Buffer for Social Media

Here is a great tool to help you with your social media!

Buffer can help you easily post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest and Instagram.

While it can help you post to all those sites, I find it better for some and not so handy for others. But, I still use it as a paid tool, because what I use it for is great!

You can sign up for a free account that allows you 1 account per platform. This is just fine if all you are really concentrating on is your single personal or business accounts.

If you need to manage more than that, you can get up to 10 accounts for only $10 a month!

They have several levels of account sizes and number of tweets scheduled, so you can pick what fits!

Buffer is a site I am logged into at most times. I find it really handy when I am reading a post or Twitter stream and want to share that to another Twitter account. I just hit the icon in my toolbar, pick the accounts that will share it and bam…it is scheduled.

As far as using it for FaceBook, I don’t! I have another tool just for that. I also don’t really use it with Pinterest, LinkedIn or G+. The Instagram scheduler does not automatically post your picture and text, so I use a different tool that does.

I currently only use Buffer for Twitter!

One of the great things about Buffer is the ability to schedule Tweets in queue. I can take a day and fill several Twitter accounts for the week, knowing they will go out at various times on each day.

I am sure each person has their own way of using this tool that best suits their needs!

So checkout Buffer and see if it will save you time!