Branded Hashtags on Instagram Look Spammy

If you have ever started working with an Instagram account that seems to be troubled, you start looking at all the possible reasons they aren’t doing as well as expected.

You check to see if the images are just bad.
Are they using good hashtags?
Are the followers all fake?
Do they just post and run…

All of those things are usually easy to spot, but once you take a quick check and see nothing wrong, you have to dig deeper and that is what I did. I found they were using branded hashtags and what Instagram is doing with those tags is not pretty.

I’ve never been a fan of the specialty hashtags unless several people will be using them and now I know I won’t use them in most circumstances.

Instagram is constantly changing and you need to try and stay up with the changes. I know it is hard when you are trying to run your business, take care of clients and then have these site change things on you.

That is why many of the big brands hire social media and digital marketing teams. Those businesses need to keep their focus on doing what they do best and let a dedicated team take care of other areas like digital marketing.

If you are a do it yourselfer, I have a course for Instagram to give you some tips along with the how to’s and why. Yes, I always have a why. You can check out the Instagram Course and I am always happy to answer questions over there!

If you are a business that needs to focus on doing what you do best and don’t want to be bothered with social media and all the changes, you can contact me and we can set up a consultation!

If you would like to see my just for fun Instagram account where I post pics of my favorite things...classic can see it at Off The Jacks. This poor account doesn't have issues due to spam, it has issues due to lack of attention as it comes way down the list of my to do's.