Facebook Puts Ads in Videos

Facebook has started testing midroll ads in native videos as they said they would. Let me just say, it wasn’t pretty. Back in April 2017, Facebook talked about putting ads in Live Stream videos and the casually mentioned adding them to native videos. Now, I seldom watch a livestream on Facebook, so if they have placed any ads on them, I don’t know. But, I have not heard anyone mention it as of yet. However, I saw...Read More

YouTube Monetization Changes

Over the years YouTube has changed its monetization and partner program a few times and they are at it again. In this video I explain the changes and why they are happening. At least why I think they are happening. Advertisers made threats, YouTube restricted videos, Twitter blew up with the Hashtag YouTube is over party, cartoons aren’t for kids and…here we are! One of the key take away to this is, do not count on ad...Read More

Are Instagram Business Accounts Good or Bad?

Instagram is hot in social media and brands are jumping in with both feet. I agree that brands should be on Instagram and they should be going full steam ahead, but I don’t know as using the business accounts are the best way to do it. As you will hear in this video, I am concerned with how business accounts will be handled in the very near future. We have already heard holders of those accounts complaining...Read More

YouTube TV Lets You Cut the Cable

YouTube announced that they have begun releasing their new platform called YouTube TV. As we see the fight for your time in full swing, video plays a huge part and sites are fighting to see who can get and hold your attention. In this video I give some of the details as to who can get YouTube TV, How much YouTube TV will Cost and what you may see when you sign up. Facebook and even Twitter...Read More

YouTube is over party was trending

YouTube sure knows how to fire people up when they make changes. Every time there is a change, people notice, but many times it is just minor and people just move on. But this time YouTube hit some of the loudest of the bunch! Advertisers slung their weight around, YouTube jumped to fast, people were/are losing video views and Twitter got to hear all about it with the #YouTubeIsOverParty trending. As you can see, YouTube has a...Read More

Instagram Lets You Save Your Live Videos

Instagram Live was a great idea as a way to get Instagram a name in the video realm, but they had 1 thing lacking, the video disappeared after the live show was over. By having the video completely disappear after you stopped streaming did give a sense of urgency to your followers, but was not optimal for creators. Most creators wanted to be able to repurpose the video, but couldn’t…until this update. Now, if you plan on...Read More

Facebook is going to put ads on live streaming

Facebook live has taken off and many people are using it to get their message out. It has mostly grown because it is easy to use and it has the best reach for business pages, now Facebook will use these videos to make some money. In this video I talk about who will benefit from having the ads and why I think putting ads on a live stream could be scary as hell. You won’t see me...Read More

LinkedIn Adds Storylines

LinkedIn is a great site to connect with people if you can find them and have a good way to interact with them, without pushing sales. There are the 2 biggest issues with people using the site. Ok, it is just a PITA to get around, but they are trying to make it better. In this video I talk about how LinkedIn has added Storylines to try and keep you on site and involved. I haven’t seen...Read More

Sound Effects by Zap Slap

If you have ever tried to make a kids joke video, you know you have to have some silly sound effects and they are not always easy to find. Trust me, I made 101 kids jokes and each one needed a goofy sound. Sure there are also many other sound effects you need, be it a car crash, cows mooing, a creek flowing, you name it you need it at some point. (more…)

Incompetech for Music

Looking for some great music for your next video, but don’t want to spend and arm and leg? Here is a site that has some wonder original music that you won't find everywhere and we know how important it is to have music unlike every other video out there. (more…)

IOS for Free Images

More picture, more pictures and even more pictures! I know you can never have enough sites with free images! It never fails when you have the perfect image in mind and you just can’t find it…so the more sites you have on your list, the more likely you are to find what you need. (more…)

Buffer for Social Media

Here is a great tool to help you with your social media! Buffer can help you easily post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest and Instagram. While it can help you post to all those sites, I find it better for some and not so handy for others. But, I still use it as a paid tool, because what I use it for is great! (more…)

Motion Array Templates and Music

Here is a website for all your video needs. Well, maybe not all, but if you use After Effects & Premier Pro you will love this place. I am a free member of the site and get their newsletter; I also follow them on Facebook. They have a few free templates that I have used and they had a bunch of sound effects they gave away that of course I grabbed. They are a subscription site that...Read More