Build Your Local Business During the Shutdown

Many business are temporarily closed due to the Cornavirus shutdown and if you are not doing anything other than just sitting around waiting for the government to let you reopen your business, you are missing out. This is the perfect opportunity to get things done! You know, all those things you say you never have time to do… well, now you have the time, so use it wisely! Take this time to build your social media and...Read More

Will People Buy Tickets to Your Event? Analyze Your Audience

Saying you want to have an event is easy. Coming up with general ideas of what and why you want to have an event is easy. Figuring out if people will want to actually come to your event is not as easy and finding out if people will pay to attend your event takes even more work. I sit down with Lany Sullivan to talk about “getting butts in seats” for your event. We look at analyzing...Read More

Event Landing Page Tips

The reason you plan an event is so you can bring people together for a common cause. Your main goal is to fill your event with people, it doesn’t matter if it is a free event or a paid event, you want people to participate and your landing page can make draw people in to register or it can turn them away. If people get the info they want and it appeals to them, they will register...Read More

Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar 360 Images

Restaurants and bars are always at the top of the list for local searches. People love to go out to eat and hangout with friends, but when it comes to choosing where they are going to go, a few things come into play. Of course everyone has their favorite spot, but as you know, sometimes you want something different or maybe you are new to the area and haven’t had the chance to pick your spot yet....Read More

Now You Can Add a Link to Your TikTok

TikTok has hit the main stream and it seems as if they have now seen the light and are going full speed ahead. At this time they have no real competition and they are taking advantage of that by listening to their users and adding features ask for. Now if you don’t already know what Tik Tok is, you may want to see my post and video – What is TikTok. But, if you are already on...Read More
Facebook Top Fan Badge

Post to Your Facebook Top Fans Only

Having loyal fans on Facebook is a must if you want engagement and shares on your post, which in turn, increases your reach. If you have low or no engagement, then it takes a lot more work to get your post seen and to grow your following. So if you have even a few top fans, you want to keep them. Everyone likes to feel special and rewarded for their efforts and you have that option by...Read More
Facebook Beta Invite

Facebook Is Testing an Updated Layout 2020

It has been a while since Facebook has enraged the masses, so they are beta testing a new layout. While it says it is easier to use, I’m not so sure about that. I tested the new layout and found a few issues that don’t make it better (Yes, I know it is called beta for a reason.) As you watch the video showing you all the glitz and glory, a few things I noticed right off...Read More

What is TikTok

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers. When it comes to being a social media manager, most people think of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, but there is MUCH more to it if you really want to help your clients be seen when they’re needed. Not all clients do well on those “normal” platforms, so we have to think outside the box. We have to do testing on a variety of platforms and then we know what may get...Read More

Why You Need Google My Business

Google My Business has been around for a few years, yet many local businesses are not taking advantage of it. If you are looking to get in front of customers at the exact time they need your product or service, then you should be using Google My Business to the fullest! Don't wait until it is main stream and all your competition is building their GMB...get ahead of them by starting now! I have a video telling...Read More

How to Schedule Post on Facebook

Knowing how to schedule post on your Facebook Fan Page can help you save time and help you build your followers. I know people use different methods for maintaining their pages, so I have made 2 versions of this step by step; one is if you are using a desktop and one is if you are on mobile. I want you to keep in mind that just because you don’t have to be on your Facebook page...Read More

Free Instagram Story Background Videos

Free vertical video clips and more... If you love making Instagram stories but don’t always shave the right background footage to really get your message across, then this is for you. Vertical video backgrounds are really hard to find and while I believe there will be more video sites offering them, right now it is very limited. So I came across MixKit Video and they have a limited selection of vertical videos at this time, but they...Read More
Facebook Top Fan Badge

How to Display the Facebook Top Fan Badge

Have you seen the “Top Fan” badge displayed on Facebook comments and you are wondering how you can have that on your own page? In the 2 videos, I take you over to Facebook and show you step by step how to turn on your Top Fan Badges. On video walks you through enabling the Fan Badge using a PC, the other is if you are doing it on mobile. When Facebook 1st came out with the...Read More
Sheryl Granny Facebook pages video

How to Find Pages Liked on Facebook

Every so often it is a good idea to go clean out liked Facebook pages that you no longer want to follow. This also gives you a chance to see all those pages and figure out if you are even seeing their post in your stream. If a page is inactive you can just unlike it and not have it cluttering your list. Once you do a search and pull up the list of liked Facebook pages,...Read More

No Excuses You Can Make Videos

While talking with brands, most are interested in making videos. They know that consumers are more likely to buy after watching a brand video. They know that having video will build their know, like and trust with consumers. They even know all the stats about current video results and the fact that video is growing into a MUST have. Yet, some will come up with the excuses to ease their decision as to why they aren’t making...Read More

Gaming Facebook Live with Polls

I bet you have been looking for creative ways to get better reach for your Facebook page and many times when we see something working for others, we then just jump in…but should you? Facebook makes it hard to get reach for pages and that means you need to buy ads. But, there is someone who always finds a way to game the system. Facebook Live videos have the best reach of all post on a Facebook...Read More