Audio Blocks for Music

Here we are again, another video that need music and I don’t know how to fiddle.

This music site is NOT free, but it is a great site at a great price with LOADS of music, loops and sound effects.

Audio Blocks is a subscription based music site. You can have unlimited access to audio clips.

They have 1 second sounds up to full length songs. No, they are not going to be popular new songs as those are a whole new ball game that you and I probably can’t afford. But, they have several genre’s of music and bet you can find something that will work.

For the subscription it is only $99 a year and is well worth it if you are going to use even 5 full length (2 minutes or over) or several short clips in a year. Music clips run anywhere from $8 – $50 each as a 1 off on most sites. While sound effects can be found for free, they are a pain to hunt down when you need quality.

AudioBlocks Affiliate Link

I personally use Audio Blocks and yes I paid to be a member to have access and use of their clips! If you choose to use the link marked Affiliate, I may receive compensation. The money I make as a commission will likely be used to pay for even more tools or my renewal of AudioBlocks. If my dogs have a say in it, the money will be used for squeaky toys, because you can NEVER have enough squeaky toys!