Are Instagram Business Accounts Good or Bad?

Instagram is hot in social media and brands are jumping in with both feet. I agree that brands should be on Instagram and they should be going full steam ahead, but I don’t know as using the business accounts are the best way to do it.

As you will hear in this video, I am concerned with how business accounts will be handled in the very near future. We have already heard holders of those accounts complaining and it is only going to get worse…mark my words…this is not going to end well.

Right now Instagram has a very high engagement rate compared to Facebook or Twitter and brands should be there, but until they are forced to get a business account, I would avoid doing so.

In fact I was ask if Instagram will force people to get a business account and I see almost no way of doing that.

They do not require you to have a real persons name on your account.
They don’t even let most people have their real names as they are saving them for some reason.

If they go by where the link on your profile leads, then they will have a hell of a mess trying to keep up and enforce it.

Facebook and LinkedIn are the 2 places where they require a real name and have laid down the laws for business promotion and Facebook is still battling that after all these years. So, Instagram has little chance.

Keep in mind that the key to Instagram no matter if you have a business account or a personal account is posting schedule, tags and interaction!