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● You need to increase your sales.
● You need to increase your online presence.
● You need more engagement on your content.8 News Now Las Vegas
● You are tired of running your own social media and need to outsource it.
● You are a local, regional or international business and/or event.
● You have a budget (big or small) and are ready to invest and take your marketing to the next level.
● You have a launch or event that needs specific marketing in a short period of time.

WHY I DO IT: There is so much content, information and just plain junk out there that misleads business owners and I, honestly, want to right that wrong. Look, you don’t have time to research, pay attention and stay on top of all the changes and craziness that happens in the digital space. You need to focus on generating revenue, but you also need marketing. So here comes the chicken and the egg. Which one comes first? My answer…both. Yes you need them both to happen at the same time. You need to generate revenue (sales) and have your marketing on point to continue to support your revenue generating activities.

Sales and marketing is a collaborative effort. While you are selling you need your marketing and branding to support your sales message. Through the discovery process we will develop a custom strategy to implement. I’ll dig in with you on what your core focus and goals are then begin to execute the strategy that will enhance and support your sales efforts.