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download this .PDF and get started!
We will be setting up channels in
the order we receive your information

⇓ Contest Prizes! ⇓

Want a Personalized Assessment of your YouTube Channel? We can do that!

Anyone that gets a tracking link and enters the contest will receive an Assessment of their Video Channel this will give you a list of things that can be done to improve your YouTube property.

The Top 3 Referrers each get a 1 hour consultation with Sheryl!

This prize is truly priceless although she only charges $250.00 per hour.
Get your questions together!

4th and 5th runners up
2-5 packs of personalized Branding Videos/strong>

Worth $150.00 each!
2 Page with Written Text, Image and Audio.
Transition to page 2
with a text call to action.
(Follow/Like with Brand Name or Website URL)
Made square for Instagram
But Can Be Used On
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

5th, 6th, and 7th runners up
3-5 packs of Instagram type Cards

Images with Quotes, Saying, or
Tips with Brand or Site URL