A Different kind of Media Company

If you are like us you are sick and tired of social campaigns that produce little or no results. You are in the right place to fix that. 

With over 15 years’ experience watching and predicting trends this year 2017 is going to be big for the video world. If brands are not involved in the video world it’s time they are or they will be left behind.


When your goal is to raise brand awareness, interaction is key along with sharability for reach. If you are posting only a few updates a week and not interacting you are throwing your money away when you look at your stats.
  • If people following you don’t feel you are bringing something of value into their streams, they stop paying attention.
  • If they feel you are just screaming ads at them, they stop listening. Share your knowledge and thinks of value.
  • If you want to build a strong and loyal following, you can’t sit in an ivory tower; you need to be talking with people not just talking at them, “Social.”
  • Unlike many we actually can read and use your Analytics data to save you money and us time so we can better target and achieve better results faster.

A quick what we do…

We build Social Media campaigns using the platforms that are the most productive for you and your business, by using images, video, relevant articles and interaction.

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‘Quick I Need to be Seen’ package

7 days a week
24 posts a day

7 days a week
1 post a day

3 post per week

Content Creation Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

Short videos ~ 1, 10, & 20 packs
Quote, sayings, or tip cards 1, 10, & 20 packs

Channel set up for best user experience
Video optimization for search
Video strategy