Our Deal Of The Year… Maybe Ever!

You don’t know what you don’t know, then you get bad information.
That’s not us!


Deal #1 YouTube Setup

Normal set up fees $250
1 hour of Channel Review and Strategy Consultation $300 value
Now For 3 Days Only! $127

Deal #2 YouTube or Social Media Consultation

Because we care and want to help some new people
Normal consulting fees $300 an hour
3 hours $900 value
Now For 3 Days Only! $97

Deal #3 is a 25 part Instagram Course with more to be added soon for only $27
There is a ton of great information in this course that won’t get you banned
like so many other courses have..
Please contact us in chat on the site if you are interested.
More Details Below.

Deal #2 Social Media and Video Consulting
Are you just getting started with social media and or video and you want to get a strategy in place? It can be frustrating on your own; I’ve been there and know how you feel. I can help you lay out ideas and get your plan in place, so you can succeed.
Maybe you have been on social media or doing videos for a while and you just aren’t getting the results you want. You have tried different things and know it is time you get someone on the outside looking at it to find the missing piece; I can do that for you.
YouTube; Posting, optimization, understanding your analytics, finding your problem areas and coming up with a workable solution
Instagram; posting, optimization, targeting, getting more engagement, understanding the algorithm, using video, how to not get banned
Facebook; posting, insights, video analytics, Facebook live, engagement, saving time
Twitter; no it isn’t dead and how you can use it to get all your platforms seen

Deal #1 Channel Setup Benefits

  • Looks more professional
  • Easy to see what your channel is about
  • More likely to watch videos
  • Trailer area to welcome visitors
  • Playlist to easily find topics
  • Easily identifiable branding, trailer, playlist
  • Back-end settings important


Channel Set Up Includes

    • Add Channel Art
    • Add Header Links
    • Add Trailer Area
    • Add Playlist to Home Page
    • Check for Custom URL
    • Check Privacy
    • Set Upload Defaults
    • Add Default Signature Line
    • Set Featured Content
    • Set Branding
    • Check Advanced Channel Settings
    • Community Basic Settings
    • Add Comments Banned List
    • ** Bonus Personalized Review

Deal #3 25 part Real Instagram Course
You already know you should have your business on Instagram. You know that it will take time to build if you want to do it right. You try to keep up on all the best practices, tools, updates and algorithms, but you only have so much time to search out the info and apply it. You may also find info that is not correct and end up with your account banned. Working your butt of to then lose your account would suck!
Well, I have an Instagram course that is all in one place from beginner and on. There are currently 25 lessons and soon to be more.
I am offering you this chance to get in now before I start adding more content. Once new content is added, the price will go up. I have been checking out other courses and mine is priced a lot lower than others and mine has far more info.
So if you want into the course for this low price, you need to join now! Yes, you will still get the new content I have planned on adding.
I believe in research and common sense, not some magic button that will cost you time and money. I want to see you succeed!

  • Don’t pass up these once in a lifetime deals.
    Put yourself in front of a bigger audience and grow you authority!