How to Display the Facebook Top Fan Badge

Have you seen the “Top Fan” badge displayed on Facebook comments and you are wondering how you can have that on your own page?

Facebook Top Fan Badge

In the video below, I take you over to Facebook and show you step by step how to turn on your Top Fan Badges.

The Top Fan Badge has very little use on some pages, while on other pages it can encourage more engagement.

Keep in mind that more engagement on your Facebook Page does not mean it will all be quality engagement. The badges can draw in spam, so beware.

As an owner or and Admin, you cannot choose who gets the badge, that is assigned by a Facebook algorithm.

You do control if it is even used on your page, you can turn it on and off at any time. Some pages like the badges, while they seem really cheesy on others. This is something you will have to decide on your own.

So here is your Facebook Tutorial for adding the Top Fan Badge

How to Find Pages Liked on Facebook

Sheryl Granny Facebook pages videoEvery so often it is a good idea to go clean out liked Facebook pages that you no longer want to follow. This also gives you a chance to see all those pages and figure out if you are even seeing their post in your stream.

If a page is inactive you can just unlike it and not have it cluttering your list.

Once you do a search and pull up the list of liked Facebook pages, you may also notice that some pages are still active, but you never see them in your home stream. That can be easily fixed by just engaging on a few of the pages post and that will let Facebook know, to show you more of their post.

I suggest you clean out your list at least once a year.

This search will only take a minute and depending on how many pages you need to engage with will determine how long this cleanup will take.

Now that you have more room for pages…be sure to go over and like/follow our page – Ginger Roots Media on Facebook


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No Excuses You Can Make Videos

While talking with brands, most are interested in making videos.
They know that consumers are more likely to buy after watching a brand video.
They know that having video will build their know, like and trust with consumers.
They even know all the stats about current video results and the fact that video is growing into a MUST have.
Yet, some will come up with the excuses to ease their decision as to why they aren’t making video.

Honestly, with today’s technology, there are no excuses. In this video I even talk about how I overcame obstacles when I started making videos. I was not handed the best of the best, I was however determined to get ‘er done and I did.

So listen in to hear why I was so freakin determined to make video and get them to rank. I didn’t have a magic button; I had the WANT and DETERMINATION!

If you have an excuse you would like me to debunk, let me know. I already have some queued up and if I haven’t heard yours, I will gladly add it to the list and get that video made, so you can move on and start making videos!

If you are already making videos or are ready to start and you need assistance with understanding ranking, analytics or why some of your videos may be doing better than others…hit the contact button and we can set up a consultation!

Gaming Facebook Live with Polls

I bet you have been looking for creative ways to get better reach for your Facebook page and many times when we see something working for others, we then just jump in…but should you?

Facebook makes it hard to get reach for pages and that means you need to buy ads. But, there is someone who always finds a way to game the system.

Facebook Live videos have the best reach of all post on a Facebook Business page and therefore it will be used in any way possible for that boost. Even in ways that may go against Facebook TOS.

The polls you may have seen are just 1 way that people are gaming the system and as we know, Facebook does NOT like it. Although they have laid down the rules from the beginning, they don’t always enforce things until they are ready and that is the case with Live Video.

In this video we talk about a Facebook update where they say they will be enforcing the TOS and putting the kabash on some of the ways people are gaming the system.

If you have taken time to build your page on any platform, you need to understand the risk involved when going against the rules.

Bring Guest Into Your Facebook Live Video

People have really picked up on using Facebook Live video to get their message out, but they wanted more and Facebook is stepping up to give it to them.

Just talking to a camera can get a bit old. It is nice when you have the option to collaborate with someone to broaden your reach and message, but that can be hard especially if your platform of choice is Facebook Live.

Well, now Facebook is going to allow you to add another person into the video. This will make it easier for people who may not feel very comfortable just talking to a camera to finally get the chance to do live video.

Here is my video about the new Facebook Update –->

How will you be including others in your Facebook Live?

Plan Ahead When Connecting Social Media to Email

Most social media accounts, require you to have an email account associated with them. To many times these accounts are set up without planning ahead for how they may be used and by whom they may be used in the future. This can cause a big problem later on.

As your business grows, so will the number of people working for you and this includes hiring a social media manager. Your social media manager will occasionally need access to the emails for the social sites and if you have planned ahead, you can save yourself headaches.

In this video, I talk about why having a dedicated email that is only used for social media is important and why.
Having managed several accounts, I can tell you that a dedicated email will make your social media managers’ job smoother.

If you need help getting your social media plan in place, contact me to set up a consultation.

Are You Planning Your Social Media in Bulk

Many marketers know they need to put out a variety of post on social media, but that can take a good bit of time.

I see many of those people who log into their social accounts each day and then start looking for something they can share. They may search for links to great articles, look on YouTube for a video or try to find ideas for an image on Instagram. Once they find something, then they go and make it.

This means they may take an hour or more just to get a post for the day. Since most marketers don’t have an endless amount of time to spend on social media each day, their time is wasted looking for or making a post for each platform.
Therefore, they are missing out on the MOST important part of social media…Being social!

Engaging with your target audience is so important, yet that is what usually gets put off when you don’t plan ahead. By having your post ready for each platform, you can then log in each day and talk to people without the worry or stress of finding and making your own post.

In this video I talk about planning your post ahead, not just a day or 2 ahead, but a month at a time ahead. This means you are not only gathering your ideas for post, but having images already made, your short videos made, your links to relevant post gathered and anything else you may need.

If you are someone who tends to only make a few post at a time, I suggest you do not allow yourself to post at all on social media until you have an entire month ready and then go in and schedule it all at once. This takes away the instant gratification of posting each day on the spur of the moment. But, once you do get all your post scheduled a month ahead on each platform, you will be able to feel a sense of accomplishment and relief. You can then log in each day and enjoy talking to your customers, rather than just searching for things to post.

Put off the instant gratification for a much better feeling of relief and accomplishment.

If you are struggling to get your companies social media on track, contact me to set up a consultation appointment today.

YouTube Testing New Layout

It has been a while since YouTube has made any major changes to its frontend layout and so it is no surprise they are testing it now.

Those of us who have been long time YouTubers know they like to shake things up every couple of years by giving their frontend a makeover and we just kind of expect it.

While they make changes in the backend all the time, it doesn’t seem to get the reaction as when the front end changes. Could be that people don’t really understand the analytics, so they just don’t care when those are changed. I however find those changes far more exciting than I do the ones on the front.
I know people will freak out with any change, so I did a side by side comparison of the old and new layout, so no one will feel the need to be shocked when they see a change.

Yes, I am trying to alleviate their stress of “OMG, the buttons moved. I can’t believe YouTube did this, they are gonna die now. I’m never coming back because they moved that button.”

That may be a slight exaggeration, but I am not placing bets against this reaction. Just taking the changes and making it work, doesn’t fit some people’s personality. And they say old people are set in their ways, yet it is the young people who will freak.

Anyway, here is the video with the changes I am seeing as of the time of the video. As I mention, these may or may not be set in stone…YouTube is fickle ya know.

With Facebook, Instagram and Twitter coming up in the video world, YouTube has to keep its edge and so I think we will see lots of changes in the very near future.

I will say that as far as search and analytics, none of the other sites can beat YouTube!

Testing Videos on Twitter

If you ever watched Home Improvement in the early 90’s, you will remember Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor who couldn’t just do a simple job; nope he always had to take everything to the limit (and then some).

Well, all of us need a little Tool Man Taylor in us when we do testing of something new. We need to push it and see what it can really do. Although we may not need to go to extremes and blow shit up, we need to take it to the edge.

Most people will test a new idea that they have read about or seen others do, but they don’t always give it enough time to see if it will really work. Or they may not apply all the steps and when their testing doesn’t work, they just stop rather than looking into why it didn’t work for them even though others have had success.

In this video, I am talking about just that…taking our plan and giving it a real test over a period of time.

In this case, we are putting Twitter Video over the coals. I know it has worked for others, but can it work in the niche I am dealing with is what we need to find out.

I know that I have been ahead of the game in different areas and it paid off down the road and wonder if that will be the case here. I am confident that videos on Twitter have a place, we see it working all the time, I just have to get a few things in line to make it work for this current project.

You always need to keep in mind that when you introduce anything new to your audience, it may take a while for them to respond. It could also take some changes on your part as to how or what the new content contains. This applies no matter what size your brand is, big or small, you have to test.

So here is the video with details of why we are doing videos, how many videos we are using in our test and a few things we have to figure out along the way. Yes, there are some obstacles, but none we can’t handle.

No, I can’t tell you what Twitter account we are testing on, I know you would love to go over and share all the videos, but I hope they all end up in a stream near you soon.

Branded Hashtags on Instagram Look Spammy

If you have ever started working with an Instagram account that seems to be troubled, you start looking at all the possible reasons they aren’t doing as well as expected.

You check to see if the images are just bad.
Are they using good hashtags?
Are the followers all fake?
Do they just post and run…

All of those things are usually easy to spot, but once you take a quick check and see nothing wrong, you have to dig deeper and that is what I did. I found they were using branded hashtags and what Instagram is doing with those tags is not pretty.

I’ve never been a fan of the specialty hashtags unless several people will be using them and now I know I won’t use them in most circumstances.

Instagram is constantly changing and you need to try and stay up with the changes. I know it is hard when you are trying to run your business, take care of clients and then have these site change things on you.

That is why many of the big brands hire social media and digital marketing teams. Those businesses need to keep their focus on doing what they do best and let a dedicated team take care of other areas like digital marketing.

If you are a do it yourselfer, I have a course for Instagram to give you some tips along with the how to’s and why. Yes, I always have a why. You can check out the Instagram Course and I am always happy to answer questions over there!

If you are a business that needs to focus on doing what you do best and don’t want to be bothered with social media and all the changes, you can contact me and we can set up a consultation!

If you would like to see my just for fun Instagram account where I post pics of my favorite things…classic cars…you can see it at Off The Jacks. This poor account doesn’t have issues due to spam, it has issues due to lack of attention as it comes way down the list of my to do’s.

Save Data with Twitter Mobile

Twitter India has pushed out a new Twitter mobile site that will help you save on your data usage.

Most mobile users like saving data when they can as it gets pretty expensive if your carrier doesn’t offer a good plan. Many countries just don’t have the same options for unlimited data that others do, so Twitter India has come to the rescue.
This new Twitter mobile site not only saves you data, it also helps when you have spotty service, so you don’t lose everything just because you dropped for a few seconds.

You can check out the site (not an app) at Twitter Mobile.
Hope this helps all of you save some money and data!

If you want to see how you can save the maximum data with the site…just watch the video.

Google Skips Video Intros on YouTube

You know how you do a search on Google and it pulls up a video from YouTube and you can watch it right there by just hitting play…well it seems that Google is going to make those embedded videos even more helpful.

No, they are not going to make their own videos, they are just going to be saving searchers time when they click play. Google is testing out skipping parts of the video to take you right to the answer to your search query.
How cool is that?

You know when people are searching for an answer; they normally need the answer right now so they can move on with their project. They don’t want to wait for the video creator to ramble on about how great they are or how the video would have been done sooner, but their cat pee’d on their laptop…blah, blah, blah.
They want an answer now and Google is helping with that! Looks like those long intro’s may be skippable soon and that is a good thing!

So how excited are you that this could increase your chances of more views just by getting the viewer to actually watch your video rather than clicking off while you chat in your intro?

By the way, if you are still doing long intro’s…STOP! No one cares about you until you give them a reason to care and that reason comes by solving their problem, not talking about yourself.

Facebook Puts Ads in Videos

Facebook has started testing midroll ads in native videos as they said they would. Let me just say, it wasn’t pretty.

Back in April 2017, Facebook talked about putting ads in Live Stream videos and the casually mentioned adding them to native videos. Now, I seldom watch a livestream on Facebook, so if they have placed any ads on them, I don’t know. But, I have not heard anyone mention it as of yet.

However, I saw an ad in native videos for myself, so we know that is rolling out.
Here are some of my thoughts as to the ad I saw and what you can expect to see soon.

While I do understand that video creators need to make some money, I see a lot of issues with this plan…I talk about some of those in the post with the announcement above.
One way to get people to be more willing to freeboot or steal videos is to reward them with money! Which is just what will happen if Facebook can’t get their shit together on a proper content ID system and a stable way to have your stolen videos taken down.
Guess we will see how this all turns out, but I think it will be a mess, at least for now.

YouTube Monetization Changes

Over the years YouTube has changed its monetization and partner program a few times and they are at it again.

In this video I explain the changes and why they are happening. At least why I think they are happening.

Advertisers made threats, YouTube restricted videos, Twitter blew up with the Hashtag YouTube is over party, cartoons aren’t for kids and…here we are!

One of the key take away to this is, do not count on ad revenue as a way to make money, if you plan on using your videos as an income stream.

If you are a new channel, just keep making good videos.

Optimize your videos and be sure to share them.

Honestly, if you get upset about this YouTube Partnership change, you will have a very hard time being productive on YouTube. You can’t let these changes deter you from doing what you want to do. If you have a message you want out to the world…then just stick with it! Figure out how to work with changes when they throw them out there. You have a goal and you have to keep moving forward and not sitting and worrying about how to get YouTube to “stay the same”.

Are Instagram Business Accounts Good or Bad?

Instagram is hot in social media and brands are jumping in with both feet. I agree that brands should be on Instagram and they should be going full steam ahead, but I don’t know as using the business accounts are the best way to do it.

As you will hear in this video, I am concerned with how business accounts will be handled in the very near future. We have already heard holders of those accounts complaining and it is only going to get worse…mark my words…this is not going to end well.

Right now Instagram has a very high engagement rate compared to Facebook or Twitter and brands should be there, but until they are forced to get a business account, I would avoid doing so.

In fact I was ask if Instagram will force people to get a business account and I see almost no way of doing that.

They do not require you to have a real persons name on your account.
They don’t even let most people have their real names as they are saving them for some reason.

If they go by where the link on your profile leads, then they will have a hell of a mess trying to keep up and enforce it.

Facebook and LinkedIn are the 2 places where they require a real name and have laid down the laws for business promotion and Facebook is still battling that after all these years. So, Instagram has little chance.

If you are new to Instagram or would like tips on building your account pop over to see our courses, tips and resources at Ginger Roots Media Group, I have a lot of Instagram Tips for you who like to DIY.

Keep in mind that the key to Instagram no matter if you have a business account or a personal account is posting schedule, tags and interaction!