Hi I’m Sheryl Loch, I can be snarky, fowl mouthed and brutally honest, but most of  I an advisor for Digital Media strategies. With 16 years of experience I offer a service that will completely change the face of your business forever. For years I ignored the fact that the best investment anyone can make is to invest in oneself. I never believed it until I started doing it myself.

For a while now I have been driven to learn at least one new thing every day. This may come from the internet, my coaches, or someone on the street, as long as It’s something new with value that benefits myself and my clients. Big business is more and more investing in their employees for a lot of different things from technical to self improvement. This giving back some to the employees makes them more knowledgeable and happy increasing production in a huge way. There are still people that don’t understand giving is getting.

For a long time now I have been in love with video. Ever since we had a consultation with Jason Moffatt some 10 years back.  Jason mentioned in his closing “do videos that is where the future is.” Since then videos have become my love and my focus. I have made and tested thousands of videos, built and crashed channels and figured it out.

Video is way more than pushing a button and capturing your creativity. It’s about capturing your creativity in a format that works, editing, uploading and configuring, promotion, and interaction. There is a huge world to consider and implement if your desire is to be successful in business and it’s promotion online.

I have invested years of my life to become an expert, and I with confidence can assure you that when you start investing in yourself your business will thrive. Strategic consulting is what I do best, I love those off the wall questions that totally strain my brain that’s where I thrive.

Serious about finding out how we can help you and work together. Send me a quick message from the form below and we can schedule a time to talk.